Liz and Luke's Intimate Rustic Wedding in Mitchell, In | PORTRAITS

So much to say about this day. Fourth of July weekend in Indiana was magical, mainly because Liz an Luke said their vows over a beautiful view on her grandfather's farm.. with their closest friends and family nearby. And I was lucky enough to be able to photograph the entire day. 

When I interned with Liz's youth group in Mitchell, Indiana Liz and I formed a close relationship and we've been close ever since. To say I was honored to be able to walk alongside her during this process is an understatement. She brought tears to my eyes on SEVERAL occasions throughout the day and reminded me how beautiful love is. 

Luke loves Liz in a pure and genuine way that I haven't seen in so long. It was beautiful to watch them both walk along side one another on their wedding day and get to witness the beautiful way they love one another and the way they love their families. And since there were so many precious and magical moments between them and their loved ones, I couldn't contain all of the images to just one post! 

Today we'll get to see a little before the wedding action as well as the portraits of Luke and Liz and their bridal party. Tomorrow I'll take you into their magical wedding and their reception that took place in a grove of pine trees beneath twinkle lights and fireworks. :) 

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