Luke and Liz's Rustic Wedding in Mitchell, Indiana | Ceremony

In July I was honored to be able to stand alongside one of my favorite people and capture her wedding day with my camera. I shared the first part of their wedding day with you last week          ( HERE ) , and am excited to share all of the remainder of the wedding with you guys today.

I have always loved Liz's style and knew she would do an amazing job putting together her wedding ceremony and reception. She did all of the bouquets (along with help from her mom, sisters and bridesmaids), and did the table decor by hand as well.. all the greenery was harvested from her family's land. 

To say that their reception was beautiful is an understatement. SO much love, and laughter and dancing happened that night.. their family and friends celebrating such a beautiful union of two souls. I don't feel like I did it all justice by the photos I have chosen to share with you, but hope that you can get a glimpse of what it was like to take part in this celebration. 

Liz and Luke, I love you two so much and am so excited to watch your marriage blossom and grow!