Meghan v. Allison Shoot Off

I have "known" Allison for a while through the blogosphere. Her and I are both gluten intolerant/ Celiac so we have had that in common and have shared our stories on each other's blogs.  We are also pretty weird and quirky, which makes us a perfect pair. Not only is Allison gluten free, but she is an amazing designer ( and photographer!) and co-owns a design business, The Wonder Jam, with her husband Adam. Together they are a bit of a dream team. I have recently started working with these guys to rebrand and re-think my business as I transition into a new market. I am beyond stoked to have them on my team because they are pretty amazing. A few weeks ago Allie and Adam were passing through Nashville (and so was I) on their way to the gulf. Naturally, we met up at Barista Parlor and chatted and had some fun taking photos of each other. It was awesome getting to know this girl, and both of us felt like we had found our long lost soul mate after hanging out for a couple of hours.

Since there was a kid around us we pretended that we were having a classic "shoot off" with our cameras, and we also got to learn some new tricks from each other.

Like FREE LENSING!How Do you free lens? I think it's one of those fun techniques where practice makes perfect. I have been trying to practice it when I get the chance, but still haven't nailed it. We both feel uncomfortable practicing new techniques with clients, so this was the perfect opportunity to try out this new fun trick. Basically you take the lens off your camera and hold it super close to the opening.. you tilt your lens to create some different angles of light (and color) into your finished image. You'll want your aperture to be around 4 so that the DOP isn't too shallow and you have a better change of getting your image sharp. As far as the shutter speed? I just guess!!  I've yet to get my images sharp like I'd like, but I'm sure that will come with time. See if you can spot the free lens pictures!

Oh, and did I mention that Allie is STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS?!

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