Asheville North Carolina Product and Editorial Photographer

handmade storyblog As an owner of a creative business, I have been wanting to start telling makers stories through the medium of photography. I have done extensive work with product photography, but as a maker myself, I understand the importance of having photos of the MAKER making the products that they sell to their customers.

When a customer can connect with the process and with the maker it is a win-win for you and your brand. It brings the humanity to the process and allows people to put more value into the work that you do with your hands and your creative process. I am looking to build my portfolio of telling these stories and would LOVE to document you in your studios, your shops, behind your cameras… whatever it is that you make.

I am offering a super low introductory rate of $115/ hour that comes with all of the edited image files. I will be happy to connect you to brands I have worked with if you would like to hear what they think of the process of working with me!

You can contact me at if you are interested!


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