Recent Work + A Peek Inside My Workflow

These past couple of months have been insanely busy with work.. and I am beyond grateful for that! But it has left me with little time or energy to keep you guys updated on this space with what's been going on! When I started into this industry I don't think I realized JUST HOW MUCH goes into a photo session. To give you an idea of what each session looks like ( and a glimpse into this photographer's workflow) , lets start with the beginning. Most of the time I will get a fun e mail inquiry, or a phone call from one of my clients. From there will will discuss pricing, what they should expect from their session and lots of back and fourth e mails about scheduling a time and location. I then will send out a questionnaire so that I can get to know my client a bit better and tailor their session and location perfectly for them. Then I will location scout for the perfect location. Depending on how the questionnaire is answered I may or may not make props for the session.. it all depends on what feel the client wants! I will also coach my awesome clients on how to dress themselves and their family for their session, and I will usually play wardrobe consultant the day of the shoot! When the session finally arrives, contracts will be signed and then photographs will start.. which is always my favorite part of the entire process. The session could last anywhere from 1-2 hours depending on the location and the subjects.

After their session I will come home and upload all of the images immediately to my computer so that they don't accidentally get deleted from my cards! Usually it will take me around a week to edit all of their photos and upload them to a pass gallery like this one :  . After the gallery has been sent out ( along with an e mail explaining the next few steps and the ordering process) I will ask my clients to star 15 of their favorite images from the gallery so that I can order prints of those for them. I will then order prints, order their book from Artifact Uprising and put together a fun package for them along with a hand-written thank you note and a few details about my referral program.  When all of the orders come in, I will put the package together.. along with a DVD of their images + a print release and take it to the post office to be sent. All of that work for each of my clients! (needless to say, your session fee covers MUCH MORE than just the 1-2 hours I spend with you!).

Having said all of that, I have been trying to keep a quick turn-around for my clients and have failed to post updated photos on here of my most recent sessions! Today I am going to give you a little taste of what's been going on here at m.newsom photography the past couple of months. I also plan to share some photos of our summer adventures thus far with you guys (LOTS of lake house time!!), and catch you up on recent weddings I have had the absolute honor of photographing.

I have been shooting at various locations around Huntsville, but I always LOVE shooting up on Monte Sano Mountain (which a couple of these sessions took place there). I've also started enjoying shooting along the trails at Providence! This is a great option for people who want an outdoorsy look to their photos, but don't really want to go tromping around in the woods:).

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