Say Yes To The Dress || Huntsville Alabama Wedding Photographers

Pampering is no longer just for your wedding day. White Dresses Boutique of Huntsville, AL. has revolutionized the buying experience for southern brides. A bride can have a Pure White appointment, where they are dolled up with makeup and an up-do and treated like royalty for 3 hours. They have a personal shopping experience where they get special guidance in finding the dress of their dreams, and are surrounded by their closest family and friends while they do it! The appointments come with a photographer (which is why I was there!), a hair dresser and make up artist, a painter AND snacks and drinks!  

I seriously want to get married again (or maybe a recommitment ceremony??) so I can try on dresses with these awesome ladies! It was a blast!


I'm sharing some photos from two appointments I shot several weeks ago. Note though, no pictures of the girlies in their dresses are shown! Saving the big reveal for their wedding days!blogedit1 blogedit2 blogedit10 blogedit15 blogedit17 blogedit22 blogedit24 blogedit51 blogedit55 blogedit60 blogedit4 blogedit12 blogedit21 blogedit22 blogedit24 blogedit29 blogedit34 blogedit35 blogedit58 blogedit59 blogedit70 blogedit91