Travel | Portland, OR. & Oak Harbor, WA

Earlier this summer I was blessed to be able to spend two weeks out in the Pacific North West with friends. My sweet friend got married and I was able to be with her before, during, and after the wedding festivities! After the wedding I traveled by train up to Seattle and onto an island in Washington to spend some time with some dear friend who live up there as well.  

As I have been practicing and improving my photography craft in all areas, I have left my travel and basic photography slip to the side.. normally only using my iphone camera to capture moments. I am trying to get better in this field as well, because I know I will thank myself years from now that I actually brought my DSLR along with me on the road! Enjoy some of the photos I took during my time out there.. and stay tuned for a post documenting Chelsea and Chris' wedding weekend in Sun River Oregon! blog blog2 blogedit11_1 blog3 blog5 blogedit1_1 blogedit1 blogedit2 blogedit7 blogedit10 blogedit11 blogedit14_1 blogedit15_1 blogedit17_1 blogedit19 blogedit20 blogedit27 blogedit34 blogedit37 blogedit42 blogedit44 blogedit53 blogedit54 blogedit62|