The Inspiring Johnson Family

These guys. All 5 of them are just wonderful. Sweet Mary Beth and I connected several weeks ago via blog world. She writes a beautiful blog, Annapolis and Company, and takes gorgeous photographs. Her food photography is especially stunning. When I saw that her family would be traveling through our neck of the woods on their way home from South Carolina I immediately invited them over to share a meal with us in our home. I have been longing to connect (in real life!) with some of my online friends. Mary Beth and her husband Stephen are precious and so  inspiring. We talked community, faith, blog, art, building, family and so much more in the short two hours they were here. I am inspired at the way they are raising their children and am encouraged by the beautiful example they set for their kids. It was a blessing to be able to spend time with these guys.

While they were here, we ventured down to my favorite little creek on the Madison Greenway. The kids loved it and so did we. It was a little canopy of shade from the hot summer sun, and the cool water felt magical on our feet. I have always wanted to do a session like theirs, more "lifestyle" than posed.. but haven't had anyone interested in doing something like this. The images tell a beautiful story of their love for one another, and capture the cascading light beautifully. I am in love with all of them because it captures the true essence and love of their little family. Their adventurous hearts, and their commitment to one another. Sweet MB, you are so dear and I am so thankful you gave me the opportunity to capture your family behind my lens!

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